What the heck is Feast?

What the heck is Feast?

How does it work?

Feast is a place for creative minds to come together to share, create and learn.

Remember that Monty Python sketch about Spam? You know, the one where the guy says, “You can’t have egg, bacon, Spam and sausage without the Spam!” Well we think you can. That’s what Feast is: it cuts the fat, skips past all those canned, production-line ideas and fills you with inspiration.

What’s the big idea?

Yearly Theme

This year we’re taking you on a tour of “Creativity Around the World.” Meet some of the greatest creative minds on earth, and be inspired by kick-ass work from around the globe.

Monthly Topics

Each month we’ll focus on a different topic that ties into our yearly theme. The topics will cover just about anything and everything that’s considered creative, like graphic design, product design, typography, data visualization, photography, fashion design, interior design and even tasty, tasty food.


Each month, starting in September, Feast will feature an Artist in Residence — a renowned expert in the creative industry — who will serve as the ambassador for that month’s topic.

They will mentor select students, write guest articles on the topic du jour (or topic du mois, as it were) and share their unique perspectives on design and creativity. All of this will be shared publicly, of course, because what’s a Feast without company?


Various online events will be held regularly, from streamed talks and webcasts to tutorials and challenges, so you’re never left hungry. The big one will be The Brief, a quarterly RFP-style tournament challenge with the chance to go head-to-head for a charity project — because as we all know, kindness is like bacon for the soul.

We’ll also be hanging out offline, at awesome trade shows and events, and will be announcing Feast-specific events around the world — because sometimes it’s nice to hang out with people in real life, away from the internets.