Mentorship Program

Mentorship Program

Feast Artist in Residence and Protégés

Feast Artists in Residence come from various creative fields, but whatever their expertise, these people have been through the ranks, so they know what’s up and what it takes to make something of yourself in this crazy world.

Students, designers and creative folks from all kinds of disciplines can apply to have their minds blown by our Artists in Residence. iStock will then shortlist the candidates and choose two to four lucky souls to get learned. (That’s learn-ed, as in “he was a learned man,” because we’re feeling fancy today). Want to become an Artist in Residence? Tell us why »

How This Thing Works

To kick off the conversation, iStock will host a call between the Artist in Residence and the protégés, during which time the Artist in Residence will announce “The Brief,” or the assignment, for the month and answer any questions the protégé might have. This call will be posted on the Feast site so everyone can be in the loop.                  

After the initial call, all communications between the Artist in Residence and protégés will take place via email, but all work will be posted so everyone can learn together – because people who learn together stay together, or something like that.

Assignments and Deadlines

Once the assignment has been revealed, the protégés have one week to begin the project and submit their first draft to the Artist in Residence, who will then review the assignment and offer feedback.

The protégés then have another week to address the Artist in Residence’s comments and improve upon the previous week’s work. This process will repeat two more times until the final, legendary project is completed at the end of the month (and of course posted).

Then What?

From there, the Artist in Residence will make final comments and share any remaining crumbs of wisdom, so take the opportunity to indulge in the genius, tuition-free. These things usually cost money – a lot of money – but since we’re footing the bill, you’ll have money for frivolous things. Like food.

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